Welcome to ʻImi Naʻauao. 

Here I will cover various topics ranging from current events, my travels, teen life, mental health, language and other things (all which will be separated into tabs for easy access later on).

My About page will give you a bit of personal information, but my future posts may contain more about me in relevance to the topic Iʻll be talking about. To add to this, I donʻt mean to sound arrogant with the “posts will contain more about me”, but for me, by adding in my own personal information, I feel like itʻs easier to connect with whoever is reading my posts, giving an almost ʻintimateʻ feel (if that makes any sense). Itʻs to give a sense of connection, rather than just being like a news report.

Slight Warning/Promise (??)

Like Iʻve mentioned in my About page, I get the occasional bad grammar (from both not proofreading well enough, and from the fact that I often donʻt know how to express sentences in English very well). Iʻm sure you can tell that my grammar can be quite horrendous from whatever Iʻve written so far, but I can assure you that will continuous writing, Iʻm sure to show improvement.

Just a side note,

My apostrophes may appear the wrong way (A.K.A they donʻt curve to the left) because my text will occasionally be in the Hawaiian setting (Iʻm very peculiar about writing my Hawaiian words correctly). If they curve to the left, theyʻre your standard apostrophes, but if they curve to the right, theyʻre not apostrophes, theyʻre referred to as a ” ʻOkina “.